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A Sky Above Strange: An Elysian Chronicles Novella

Deep in the Amazon jungle, tree nymphs are being slaughtered with an ancient ritual from a long lost world. In cities all over the globe, battles break out between deadly supernatural creatures known as Elysians. And in the sky scraping city of Manhattan, Peri dives into the incendiary society she left behind to save the only planet she has left.

She has the knowledge of past lives and power over life and death. Will it be enough to push back the tide of war? Even with all her pride, Peri has her doubts. When powerful, haughty Aedan hunts her down for attacking his clan, they discover they are fighting for the same side. Working together may be their best chance.

Between the star bright heavens and sun streaked sky, will they learn to trust one another to stop the coming war or mourn the day they met and watch the earth go up in flames?

Work In Progress Novel

A fantasy novel about four friends at a military academy for those with powers.

The Stars Between Dark: An Elysian Chronicles Novella

The second novella in the series is underway!