Rating System

You may see the occasional review and notice I use an unconventional rating system. Let me explain.

I decided long ago that I hated the star rating system. I deeply despise even more limiting systems such as thumbs and the like.  It may be easier to use and everyone seems to know what a two-star versus five-star is. However, I find that I am incapable of deciding how many stars a thing should have. So I am rebelling against any star or similar rating system.

I love desserts. From a young age my mother taught me how to bake. I can bake just about anything really well on the first try. The same cannot be said about healthy meals such as Sesame Soba Noodles with Roast Chicken and Chard. Anyways, I have strong feelings about desserts. Such as which ones I constantly crave, which ones I loath entirely, and which ones I eat simply because sugar is involved.

This blog uses desserts as it’s rating system. I am sorry if you don’t like desserts. Though I must wonder if you have a heart. I will always explain my choice of dessert for each review. It will probably be something to the degree of…

“This book is a Girl Scout thin mint cookie (more like the whole box). It is a perfect balance of refreshing and indulgent. A balance and taste that leaves the world scrambling over themselves to buy a box. That is this book.”

I understand we all have different thoughts on what tastes good. Using desserts as a rating system is entirely subjective. That’s why I like it. I can only hope you understand that feeling even if you don’t enjoy the same things I do.

Dessert Rating

That my friends is my rating system. If you ever have any questions about a rating I give, please let me know. If you disagree or agree, please comment on the review. I enjoy conversing about different or similar opinions. That’s what makes the reviews we read so fun.