This is Halloween

I love Halloween. It is most likely my favorite holiday. I love Christmas and Easter for religious reasons. Plus Christmas is a magical time. Halloween though, it lets me fly my freak flag.

I dress up frequently. As a writer and aspiring author, creating stories in my head is what I do. Sometimes I like to live out those stories in my home when my roommate is definitely not going to be around for another two hours. Then I put on clothes to emulate the character I’m working on. I run around shooting fake bullets or swinging fake swords with “swoosh” sounds not unalike when I was seven. Like I said, freak flag.

Halloween is when it is 100% socially acceptable for me to do this in public and even be congratulated for my costume. Getting into character only increases the fun instead of being seen as a sociopath. The thing for which people would laugh at me any other day of the year is applauded and even capable of winning awards. Hello costume contests. Read More

Leading Ladies

Top 6 Favorite Leading Ladies

Everyone has favorites and I most certainly have my favorite leading ladies. I deeply appreciate a multi-dimensional woman/young woman that is the main character of a novel or series. I do not just want the stereotypical “strong female character”. I want the real woman who leads her story honestly and fiercely. I have a soft spot for a woman who wields a sword. I probably always will.

We are not men

But that is not the thing I want to define these characters. My favorite female characters cry, scream, laugh, shut-down their emotions, use logic, use gut feelings, love, hate, fight, give up, and in general be a real woman. They are vain, prideful, intelligent, egotistical, confident, afraid, cowardly, angry, exhausted, loyal, honest, creative, defenseless, dimwitted, feminine, charismatic, kind, mean, playful, vengeful, etc. I really can keep going. Read More

Chosen Thief

Chosen Thief by Scarlett Dawn

Chosen Thief is part of the Forever Evermore Series as the second saga. The first saga was the King saga (King Hall, King Cave, King Tomb). I actually think you could read Chosen Thief without having read the first three books. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. You may not miss large plot points but the little moments that make you smile as you go.

In this book, we meet our main character Caro. She is a spirit elemental with a penchant for getting into trouble. In fact you could call her a hustler, a con-artist, or a… thief. There it is. She has a lot of secrets and a past we know next to nothing about. Right away we jump through a bit of Caro’s timeline until we find her on Death Row of the Mystical jail. At twenty two she becomes the Elemental Prodigy.  She busts out of Death Row with help from Sin, her best friend and maybe something more. She joins the other prodigies under the Kings and Queens tutelage. We see Lily, Ezra, Jack and Pearl ruling through Caro’s eyes. They and the prodigies try to learn Caro’s secrets while Caro learns how to be the elemental prodigy as well as have friends and lovers beyond Sin.  Read More

Red Rising Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I have struggled summarizing Red Rising. It’s complex and a lot happens. Most of which is important. Please accept my humble summary.

Darrow is a Red. The Reds are oppressed and slaves of the caste color-coded society who work in the deep mines of Mars. They are told they are the pioneers helping terraform the planet. They have been lied to. Darrow experiences a great personal tragedy that sends him over the edge. He starts to adopt the dream of a future where Reds and other low-colors no longer bow to the decadent Golds who rule their society. He craves revenge but moves toward wanting more, wanting justice and freedom for his people.

So, he agrees to help tear down the Gold rulers from within. He goes through a painful transformation that makes him into one of his oppressors. He infiltrates the Institute, where only the top Golds have a chance to prove they are worthy of ruling their world. It is a brutal and violent battle ground of a school. It is here Darrow must prove himself not only a Gold, but a Peerless Scarred capable of leading legions of starships in hopes that one day he can lead a rebellion against the Golds he is befriending. Welcome to Red RisingRead More

Young adult series

YA Books I Loved as a Young Adult

This past week was I Read YA, hosted by Scholastic’s “this is teen”. Social media platforms were filled with #IreadYA. “this is teen” was offering prizes for each day along with a grand prize at the end of the week.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s tweets and pics filled with their favorite YA books, both past, present and future. In honor of “I Read YA” week, I wanted to make a post of my favorite young adult books/series when I was actually a young adult (12-17 years old).

8) The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas, you have my utmost respect and undying loyalty. I will read anything you write. This I promise. A Court of Thorns and Roses is Maas’ first foray after publishing the first three books of the best-selling Throne of Glass Series. I knew I wanted to read it but was terrified it would fall very short of her previous books. Again, I say, I will read anything Sarah J Maas writes. This novel was phenomenal. While it was not as strong as Throne of Glass, it is still a worthy read.

We start with meeting our main character Feyre, a nineteen year old struggling to keep her poverty stricken family alive by hunting. She is strong from survival and cold with hate for the faeries that live north of the wall. The wall that separates the humans from faeries is a part of a truce that ended a long ago war between the two.

Feyre’s once-wealthy family consists of her crippled father and two sisters, Nesta and Elain. Feyre slays a faerie in the form of an enormous wolf for much needed money but mostly for hate of the faeries. It turns out Feyre broke a part of the treaty. As payment for the faerie’s life she took, she must either die or live north of the wall with the faeries for the rest of her mortal life. Surprise! Tamlin is the powerful and angry faerie that comes to collect her payment as the treaty dictates.  Read More

Top 6 Fantasy Worlds I Don’t Want to Live In

While thinking about my top fantasy worlds I would want to live in, I discovered there were a few you could not drag me into without getting into a violent and bloody fight. Most of these worlds have a tendency to kill a lot of people. Or they are highly suppressed societies. I would not want to be highly suppressed or have a very high chance of dying in chapter three. Here are my top six fantasy worlds I would never, ever, for one single second, want to live in:

6. Touchstone Series by Andrea K Host

Top 6 Horrible Fantasy Worlds Read More

This Shattered World

This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

This Shattered World is the second book in the Starbound Series and introduces us Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac. The story takes place on the plant Avon. It is being terra-formed but for some unknown reason it’s stuck in the swamp stage. From here it gets very Romeo and Juliet. The authors are very aware of this by even referring to Flynn as Romeo for some time.

Jubilee, AKA Lee because she is apparently more bad-ass with a manly name, is a decently famous military captain. Flynn is the reluctant leader of the rebels known as the Fianna. They both want to protect the people of Avon though they are on different sides. Through a series of events, they find each other on the same side fighting for the planet’s survival. They investigate the terra-forming mystery themselves. They find they have a common enemy, maybe more than one, causing the rumblings of war. From there, the chase is on.

I did not like These Broken Stars. I loved its beginning and grew to dislike it as the book went on. The world that had been created intrigued me though. It really was wonderful world building. The writing was enjoyable. I loved the characters of Tarver and Lilac. Then the whispers happened. See my review on These Broken Stars. Don’t get me wrong, I love sci-fi and fantasy. I am normally on board with the weird. But I walked away from These Broken Stars truly unsatisfied and disturbed and put off reading This Shattered World for that reason. I didn’t want a repeat of the first book and wasn’t sure if I wanted to re-entered this world where the Whispers exist. I took the dive while waiting on the numerous sequels due out this spring and actually liked this book a lot better.  Read More

Top 6 Fantasy Worlds I Want to Live In

Most of these worlds have beings with powers or elves/fae. I want to have powers, be an elf or be friends with faeries. My odds of doing that and surviving are higher in these worlds… I think. These are dangerous worlds but the good guys seem to win in the end or suffer fewer casualties. And now ladies and gentlemen, here are my top six fantasy worlds I want to live in:

6. Steel and Stone Series by Annette Marie


5. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas


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These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Oh goodness. These Broken Stars indeed… I don’t even know where to start with a summary and not in a good way. Our main characters are Tarver Merendsen and Lilac LaRoux. Tarver is a common solider who has risen up the ranks to become a major by being a war hero. Of course our hero is touted as a hero in his world as well. Lilac is the only daughter of the universe’s richest man and heiress to LaRoux Industries. They meet on board LaRoux’s biggest space-liner, Icarus. That name should be enough to tell us the ships fate. It’s all very Titanic in space.

Anyways, Lilac is cold to all men for some reason beyond them just wanting her money but allows Tarver in briefly. She then shuts him out swiftly, much to his confusion, which leads them to hate each other. Icarus crashes, surprise! They are the only two survivors on an un-developed terra-formed world. They have to work together if they hope to survive. Any thoughts of romance flee in light of survival and the harsh reality of who they are. But that romance comes back full force after some struggles and earned mutual respect of course. This is a young adult novel after all. Mysteries crop up and the book takes a turn from just the survival to Tarver and Lilac trying to solve the many mysteries of the strange planet. You will be confused with them. You will stay confused long after the book.  Read More