Christian Feminist

Why I Am a Christian Feminist

I am a Christ follower, Jesus lover, equal rights supporter, human defender, all in one package. It’s something I sum up by claiming the label of feminist right along with Christian.

I believe in the equality of the sexes which makes me a feminist. (Shudder.) I believe women should be valued no less and no more than men. People of every gender, race, nationality, and ethnicity should be valued equally. Let’s be clear, people are not equally valued if they are not treated with the same dignity and allowed the same opportunities as others. So when a women or person of color is paid less or not given appropriate justice, that screams “you are not valued as much as the white male!”

There will be many Christians who disagree with me. Go ahead and cling to your theological beliefs and single verse-out-of-context ways. At the end of the day, the Bible is clear that God loves all people. God determined the value of each human when he DIED for each and every person. He declared what we were all worth, the very life of God. Everyone, not just men or white people or able bodied people. Everyone. This is all I need to know to come to many of the same conclusions as “a crazy liberal feminist”.  Read More


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Graphic. Explicit. Brilliant.

If those first two words don’t bother you then focus on the final one. If you have issues with graphic or explicit then do not read this novel. I loved Nevernight. It took awhile to really dive into the world. However, once in there is no coming out.

The first chapter introduces us to Mia in one of the most brilliantly written yet graphic scenes I’ve read. We witness Mia losing her virginity and committing premeditated murder on the same day at age sixteen. Kristoff uses almost the same sentences, dialogue, and sometimes the exact same phrases for each experience. The chapter goes back and forth between the two. It is disorienting at first. Then it dawns on you what is occurring on these pages. I’ve never been so impressed with scenes of this nature.  Read More

Kid Reading with Mom

Why Reading is More Important for Kids than Playing Sports

Parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders, coaches, adults, everyone… listen up. We should want kids reading more than playing sports.

I’m not against sports. They’re great! They help kids stay healthy by being active, teach teamwork and self-discipline, inspire confidence, and a myriad of other great things. I played sports throughout all of middle and high school. I enjoyed the experience for the most part. This is not an argument for kids not to play sports. It is simply an argument that reading is far more important, and far more overlooked. Read More

Chance The Rapper Coloring Book and Beyonce Lemonade

Chance the Rapper Defied the Odds while Beyonce was an Example of How Bad They Really Are

This year’s Grammy’s has sent me on a roller-coaster ride of emotional reflection.

Chance the Rapper won! He won best new artist, rap album and rap performance. Chance makes music for free. You can’t purchase it. He said in an interview, “I realized my strength was being able to offer my best work to people without any limit on it.

Never before has an artist been allowed to even be nominated for a Grammy if it wasn’t physically sold through traditional channels. They changed the rules, largely in part because of Chance. Then they nominated him for 7 different Grammy’s. He won 3, his firsts.  Read More

YA Trope Writing Novel

YA Tropes I’m Using in My Novel

My last post talked about the YA tropes I’m avoiding in my novel. Now it’s time to take a look at what tropes I will be using. It’s unavoidable to use some tropes. I’m made my peace with this. More may crop up but these four are set in stone.

Here’s the countdown of the tropes in my novel from most legitimate to least legitimate.

4) Weird Names

I love weird names. The more obscure, the better. I feel sorry for my future children. Read More

Perfect Love Ending Tropes

YA Tropes I’m Avoiding in My Novel

My previous post ranked the top new trope trends in young adult fiction. Now, it’s time to turn my gaze from other novels to my own.

Tropes grate against my imagination and rob me of joy in any novel. Granted, some tropes make sense within plots when given actual depth. But overall, they’re boring and predictable. I prefer some surprise to my stories. Or at least subvert a trope to make the novel different from everything else on the shelf.

This is why I’m working as hard as I can to keep most tropes out of my YA Fantasy novel. It’s in the planning stages but that is where tropes are born or buried. Read More

Reading a Book that is probably full of YA Tropes

Worst New Tropes in YA Fiction

Tropes. Cliches. Whatever your word choice, the truth remains. These overused elements in stories drive us insane. They make nicking your shin on the the side table seem pleasant in comparison. Young adult fiction is guilty of being rife with tropes. Many before me have discussed the most used ones. I want to go beyond those and look at newer, less discussed tropes.

For the uninitiated, here are some commonly discussed tropes in YA:

  • Love Triangles
  • The Chosen One
  • A “Strong” Female Character
  • Insta-Love
  • Absent/Bad Parents
  • The Royal Reveal (main character is the lost princess *gasp*)
  • You Have Powers but Didn’t Know It
  • Beauty Blind (I’m a normal, plain girl that 5 boys are all trying to date…)

Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Books/Series I Read in 2016

It is always good to look back in reflection before moving forward onto new goals. Looking back on 2016 was not the most pleasant of experiences. While I personally had some great things happen in my life—moving back to my hometown and having a job I actually enjoy—mostly the year sucked.

In a highly polarized nation, the one thing everyone agreed on in 2016 was how much we all hated 2016. I don’t want to dwell on that hate though. That is part of the problem, and I choose to see the good surrounding me.

Books have always been a refuge and inspiration in my life. They are simultaneously safe and challenging. Here are the books that helped me keep my head up and heart invigorated in 2016. Some were released in 2016 and others I finally got around to reading. Consider these recommendations if you are looking for some good books!

10) Truthwitch by Susan Denard

2016 Top 10

“Sometimes justice was all about the small victories.”

Read More

Millennials and Greatest Generation

Millennials in a Time of Increasing Division and Unrest

This is the final part of my Millennial Generation Series. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here. If you haven’t read Part 2, this post will not make much sense. So go read that now. This post will still be here when you’re done!

The election of Donald Trump brought the Fourth Turning back to the forefront of my mind. The Crisis era is here and the destruction of our institutions is coming. I’m not making this up or using it as a scare tactic against him. The viciousness of the election cycle, the growing division in our nation, and his win simply brought the topic back up in my mind.  Read More

Millennial and Greatest Generation

Millennials: The Greatest Generation on Repeat

Millennials, we all hate them, right? I know I’ve complained about my own generation at times. Many people think we are everything that is wrong with “today”. We are entitled, whiny, weak, lazy, socially inept, addicted to our phones, not involved in our communities, and uninterested in the world around us. Not to mention, we also need safe spaces, can’t appreciate how far we have come, demand vacation days without putting in the work, think everything is either sexist or racist, think everything revolves around us, and on and on!

People say these things in front of me as if I’m not a part of this generation, as if they aren’t actually calling me entitled and lazy to my face. Those moments are incessantly hard to navigate.

I got sick of it two years ago and started to defend my generation in those conversations. We have our issues. Yet, I refuse to believe we are “all that is wrong with this world”. We cannot be only making it worse. Those few moments of sharing a different perspective on Millennials have grown into a constant battle. The reasons I use to defend Millennials may surprise you. So, hang with me for a bit.  Read More