About the Author


Laura Jo Crabtree spent the majority of her childhood in a village in Northwest Ohio. Surrounded by cornfields, acres of woods, and crumbling one-room schoolhouses, her imagination ran wild with stories of fantasy worlds.

She graduated in 2011 from the Ohio State University with a degree in English Literature. She then flew to South America for a two year adventure as a missionary. Laura exposed others to the wonder of following Jesus, while blundering through Spanish and surviving fiery riots. She returned to the States ready to write the stories that were enriched by these life changing experiences.

Laura spent a few years as a young professional in the dynamic city of Columbus, OH.  She recently moved back to her hometown of Waynesfield. There she works by day as a social media coordinator and helps her characters save their worlds by night. She does this all with her fur-baby sitting in her lap. Or sometimes on her computer which gives her more XP per keystroke.